Tips and Tricks for Bass Fishing

Most often than not, when the word bass is mentioned to you, there is only one fish that you will visualize, the largemouth bass. However, you should know that the term bass is generally used to refer to different fish species there are, such as the striped bass, Choctaw bass, spotted bass, Guadalupe bass, white bass and the smallmouth bass. Being a lover of fishing, this article will come across as useful as it provides bass fishing tips, mostly focused on the largemouth bass as it is the most popular bass fish.

The very first tip that could come in handy when you are out fishing is having the knowledge on bass habits. The movement of the bass is for the most part dictated by the prevailing weather. When it is sunny, the bass tend to look for shelter and when t is cloudy or there is little sun, they tend to emerge from their shelters. What this means for you is that when it is sunny, you will have to look for fishing spots where the bass may go to look for shelter.

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The best time to fish for a bass is during their pre-spawn which is begins in spring. During this time, the temperatures are between 55 and 65 degrees. It is during the pre-spawn that both the female and male bass move to areas that are shallow and feed heavily while they look for places to put up their nest. During this time, you can catch a bass as right at the shore. However, if you catch a female bass be sure to put it back in order for it to complete the life cycle for the bass.

While fishing for bass, it also helps to know what it feeds on. Generally their diet is made up of frogs, scuds, insects, shrimps, crawfish, snakes and small fish. Basically, as long as the prey is between 25% and 50% of its body length, the bass will feed on it. In addition to these, it helps to examine the insides of the fish to find out what it feeds on so that you can mimic it with your bait and increase your chances of catching others.

Fishing is one of the activities in which you learn something new daily. To this effect, these are only some of the tips that are meant to get you going before you get a hang of it and have some tips and tricks of your own.